Property buying services.

1. For property to live in.

  1. Joe’s objective is in the buyer’s best interests.
  2. Therefore, Joe tries to buy the property you decide upon for the lowest price possible.
  3. If clients wish, the service includes advise on related matters (in addition to 2 above). Opinions on locations is an example. Helping to find a property is another example. 
  4. This service is done only in Cork city and suburbs. Joe thinks he has enough experience of these locations to give good advice.
  5. Owner occupier properties:
  • 5.1.   €500 + VAT is taken at the outset. This is subtracted from the final fee. It is not refunded if the buyer does not progress via JHP&Fltd. The initial fee is transferable to as many properties as it may take to buy a property. €3K inclusive of VAT = outlay is our fee for houses up to €500K. €5K is the fee for all properties over €500k to do this service very comprehensively. A maximum price also applies – of €5K, inclusive of VAT.
  • 5.2.    3K inclusive of VAT + outlay is our fee for houses up to €500K.
  • 5.3.    €5k is the fee for all properties over €500K.

2. Property for pensions.

  1. As with other pension investment, property bought for pensions has many tax benefits. 
  2. There is no capital gains tax within  pension funds when property is sold.
  3. There is no income tax within the pension fund either.
  4. However, there are some tax implications with pensions when they come to be drawn at retirement. 
  5.  Balanced with other pension investments, property can be worth considering for pensions. 
  6. We do this service for residential letting properties and commercial letting properties.
  7. Our cost depends on the property circumstances.

3. Property for investment         (non pension).

  1. Property for investment (outside of pensions) is another service we provide. 
  2. An advantage is that such properties can usually be sold earlier than if they were in pension funds. 
  3. Again, this service is available for residential and commercial letting properties.
  4. Again, pricing is dependent on the specifics. As always, pricing, in writing, will be agreed in advance with customers.

Sales Management Service.

We offer a sales management service.

  1. We offer to assist you to decide on a selling Auctioneer. As with everything in this process, we respect that we recommend, but, you decide.
  2. We offer to try to negotiate a fee for you with selling auctioneers. Whatever firm of Auctioneers is appointed would complete a PSRA sales agreement with you. We offer to read that on your behalf. We would verify it is what was agreed for the selling fee and for outlay.
  3. We offer to take all offers made to the selling auctioneers. They would phone us with offers they receive. We would recommend to you whether to accept or not. We respect that you decide to accept offers or not.
  4. If the property gets to sale agreed, we offer to liaise with your solicitor to try to get the sale completed.
  5. We would do a written agreement in advance with clients. This would document our agreed fee with sellers for our sales management service.
  6. Ethically, we consider it very important that you be sure of your decision to engage our service if you so decide. Therefore, we would ask you to consider our written agreement for at least 10 days.

Please note:
  • I only buy properties for clients. I do not sell any property. There is never any conflict of interest. My only focus is on trying to negotiate the purchase of properties for my clients for as little as possible.
  • This website is exclusively for property buyers who wish to live in the property bought. I also do property buying (for higher fees than 1% + Vat) for the following:

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